Tips to Lose Weight for good

There is less, move more – it seems that if you follow these rules, the pounds will dissolve by themselves. But experienced method of just lose weight is not fooled. From diet to diet, metabolism changes, from year to year the body becomes clogged, the intestines weaken, the stomach deteriorates, but nobody takes this into account. We have prepared some tips from a nutritionist, allowing you to start your body anew and increase the return on diet so that you will see the first tangible results in a week.

You should go through a Detox Program

The process of weight loss is desirable to begin with cleansing the body. This can be compared with the general cleaning in your apartment. This system of mild cleansing, based on the physiological processes of our body, will speed up metabolism, “soothe” insulin, start the process of lipolysis, etc. The full health improvement course according to Mayer is calculated for 21 days, can be divided into the cleansing period in the clinic and follow-up medical recommendations at home. According to the principles of Dr. Meier, the body is healthy when its intestines are healthy, and its recovery must begin with cleansing. Reception of a solution of English salt only under the supervision of a doctor will allow you to physiologically clean your intestines.

It is necessary to regularly do Bowel Massage

To improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of the abdominal organs in the morning on an empty stomach, before getting out of bed, do self-massage of the abdomen for 5 minutes. Perform circular stroking movements with the palm with slight pressure in a clockwise direction along the large intestine, alternating them with diaphragmatic breathing, taking a slow deep breath and exhaling.

Exclude all Intolerances

Food can have both a beneficial effect on the body and a negative one. Medical nutrition is not only in the use of useful products that provide the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also in the exclusion of intolerable. Meyer’s nutrition just meets these requirements: the diet does not use products containing gluten, lactose, fructose and histamine. Diagnostics (hydrogen respiratory tests for intolerance to fructose and lactose, blood test for intolerance to products, gluten, histamine), conducted in our clinic, will allow you to determine all types of intolerances and make an individual diet. The use of intolerable foods can cause digestive problems, weight gain, and increase in visceral fat, disturb sleep and mood.

Monitor Acidity

The health of your body, metabolic rate and weight control depends on the acid-base balance. Maintaining the normal pH of the body allows the correct combination of acidifying and alkalizing foods in one meal. Therefore, protein-containing products, it is desirable to use along with vegetable garnish.

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